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Sean Parry
Cleaning Business Owner &
Google Ads Manager
Hi, I'm Sean. I use Google Ads to generate 100s of new client leads every month for cleaning businesses around the world.
[Video] How I Used Google Ads To Grow My Cleaning Business To 4 Cities
And how I now use a similar strategy to generate hundreds of new client leads every month for cleaning business owners around the world. 

Or email me at sean.parry@project83.net

Running highly profitable Google Ads campaigns for cleaning business owners around the world

Canadian Cleaning Business - 31 leads in last 30-days, 25% conversion rate, $29 cost per lead

US Cleaning Business - 29 leads in last 30-days, 35% conversion rate, $18 cost per lead

Australian Cleaning Business - 36 leads in last 30-days, 25% conversion rate, $23 cost per lead

Or email me at sean.parry@project83.net

Lots of Happy Clients!

"Sean has been actively managing my Google AdWords for almost 2 years now. I’ve had nothing short of a phenomenal experience working with him and having his expertise with AdWords available has helped me grow my business into multiple locations."
- Colin Wedervist -
Adalyn Cleaning
(Omaha, US)
"Can’t speak highly enough of the value Project83 have provided for my business. They are extremely professional, highly skilled in the technicalities around AdWords management and are very specific in their research and strategy. Would highly recommended anyone considering Project83 to give them a go."
- John Zammit -
Crystal Maids
(Melbourne, Australia)
"Switching from pay per lead platforms to Google Ads saved my business and I have Sean to thank for that. He is very knowledgeable and tremendously helpful. Working with him is a pleasure and my business is going from strength to strength now."
- Sami Peka -
My Home Lovely
(London, UK)
How I Got 18x ROI For This Client

Or email me at sean.parry@project83.net

Are You Already Running Google Ads?
If you're already running a Google Ads campaign, then you might be interested in this...

I offer free Google Ads account reviews for anyone I've not worked with before. This is usually done over a 15-minute screen recording where I log into your account, and pick out things you may want to change (or include) to improve the performance of your campaigns. 

If you're interested, email me at sean.parry@project83.net

Or email me at sean.parry@project83.net

My Cleaning Business: Neat Services
Who are we? 
I'm also the Founder at Neat - a domestic cleaning company with operations in multiple cities across the UK. 

Google Ads is #1
Over the years, we have tried and tested numerous marketing channels. But for us, what made the biggest impact was Google Ads and Google SEO. 

As you may know, the benefits of SEO are longer-term so it can take a while (6-12 months+) to see the benefits of any work you put in today. However, you can get instant results with Google Ads. You set up your ad campaign and you can get the phones running that same day. 

We used Google Ads to ramp up our growth in our first location, and it was our go-to marketing tool as we launched in subsequent location. 

We still very much use Google Ads today - ramping up our ad spend when we need a short-term burst of job, then lowering the budget as we hit capacity. There's no better way to smoothen out the demand and supply in my experience. 

Let's share the love
Unlike most other agencies or freelancers, we have a live case study which we test all our Google Ads strategies. So whatever we learn with Neat, we can share with your account. But good performance is never enough. We don't rest on our laurels, and we're always looking for improvements!

Or email me at sean.parry@project83.net

And Some More Happy Clients!

"I really liked Sean's 80/20 approach to managing our account, focusing on the things that really matter. We had a lot of waste in our account, which he quickly identified. Our cost per lead is now 25% less than when we started. Very happy and highly recommended."
- Oisin McHale -
Dublin, Ireland
"We're extremely happy with the services offered, and very pleased with the results that went way beyond our expectations. Sean's expertise fully paid itself in a very short time, and allowed us to gain about 30% more clients through Google Ads. Would recommend him without hesitation."
- Luca Bernadi -
Geneva, Switzerland
"Just finished a session with Sean and he handed me all the tools and gave tons of tips to get started. I already had done a ton of research but still Sean was able to give me valuable information that no YouTube video taught me. Thank you Sean, you are the best!
- Dirk Bakker -
Florida, US
Watch My "Intro to Google Ads" Presentation At The Annual Zenmaid Summit (Attended By 1000+ Cleaning Business Owners)

Or email me at sean.parry@project83.net

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Or email me at sean.parry@project83.net

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